The oldest real estate company in Berlin

We have been the oldest real estate company in Berlin since 1888. Today our 6th generation is succesfully taking over the company.

Thanks to our many years of market and sales expertise in the various business areas of the company, we are here as your reliable and professional partner. Appreciation and trust are particularly important to us, this is why we work with our customers and business partners for years and even decades.


  • More than 3 billion transaction volume
  • Over 132 years of experience
  • Over 6 generations of company history

Beginnings in the “Gründerzeit” 

The year was 1880. Wilhelm I the German Emperor and King of Prussia was 83 years old when a young man and his family arrived in Berlin.

Just like him, many other people came to this young metropolis looking to make their fortune. However this young man was not one of the nameless many who drove the misery of the countryside into the aspiring city of Berlin. He was Caesar Behrendt, a homeowner and horse dealer from Stubent in West Prussia.

Caesar Behrendt was ready for an adventure. He was as adventurous as the city of Berlin that was bursting at the seams.

There were construction sites everywhere thanks to the huge lack of housing. The industry had exploded and its thirst for more land could hardly be satisfied. Rathenau built the first electricity plant: the AEG. And at number 16 Lothringer Strasse, a new enamel sign hung proudly next the entrance: Caesar Behrendt, Estate Agent. 

A company was born

Caesar’s son, also called Caesar Behrendt, worked at his father’s company.

On 21 April 1888, Caesar Behrendt junior founded the estate agents A.C Behrendt, which can now look back on over 100 years of history.

Incidentally, the day the company was founded was the cause for two celebrations: Caesar had registered his own company and his son, Artur Caesar, celebrated his seventh birthday.

In 1888 (the “Year of the Three Emperors”) an era also came to an end with the death of Emperor Wilhelm I. After just 99 days of rule, Emperor Friedrich III died and “our glorious young Emperor” Wilhelm II was then crowned in the same year. Bismarck’s term of office was to last just two years. 

The “new era” is here

Meanwhile, Lilienthal was working on his flying machine in the former villa colony of Lichterfelde, the Berlin postal workers were protesting against their 14-hour shifts, chefs only wanted to work for “employers with water pipelines” and the world’s first electric tram line was being expanded for the second time.

The “new era” was here

And the young A.C Behrendt company mixed right in. As early as 1897 the company had to move to larger offices on the Oranienstrasse in the “City”. A thriving cultural scene combined with technological advances: While Josef Kainz and Eleonore Duse captivated Berliners with their performances in German theatres, the first automobile was approved for use in the city.

Artur Caesar Behrendt had a sixth sense when it came to signs of the times and moved to the “refined West”.

In 1890, he opened his office at 15 Grollmannstrasse and became a member of the “Verein junger Kaufleute von Berlin” (Association of Young Salespersons in Berlin).

The company was established.

The 5th generation of integrity and reliability

Initially the current owner, Alexander Caesar Behrendt, did not intend to enter his father’s business. After eight years working for another estate agency, it was his father’s illness that changed his mind. Then on 1 October 1987 he became a partner in the senior management team.

His father, Wolfgang A. C. Behrendt, remained as joint managing director and was also a commercial judge at the Berlin District Court, 1st chairman of the Verein Berliner Immobilien-Börse e.V. and an honorary consultant to the expert committee for property values in Berlin.

On 1 October 1988, the company celebrated 100 years and his father celebrated 42 years as company director.

After the fire on 16 December 1989 at number 185 Kurfürstendamm, we had to find a new home.

We found it at 1 Landshuter Strasse in Schöneberg.

The loss of all the company documents and memories of the company’s long history in the fire weighed heavily on the senior boss in particular.

Just a few months after the fire he passed away on 2 April 1990. In spite of the pain of his death, the family business moved forward at full throttle.

Family owned in 6th generation

Alexander Caesar Behrendt is a member of the RDM as well.

His membership in the association was confirmed in 1982 with a certificate. He is a member of the board and works among other things in the competition committee. He is now continuing the business and sees maintaining the company’s reputable reputation as one of the most important investments in the future. In a fast moving time with many changes, large construction projects and international companies coming to Berlin, there are still many tasks for an experienced and reputable real estate company.

We will face them according to our purpose:
Committed to the tradition of the future!

Today the two daughters of Alexander Caesar Behrendt, Anastasia Caecilia & Alicia Caelina Behrendt, enriched the family business. In this way, the family business will continue to run in the 6th generation.

Caesar Behrendt

Artur Caesar Behrendt

A. C. Behrendt junior

Wolfgang A. C. Behrendt

Alexander Caesar Behrendt

Committed to the tradition of the future!

We have successfully sold, mediated and managed property in Berlin & the surrounding areas for over 132 years.